Verdanya German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

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The German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream starts with Verdanya's chocolate dream ice cream base. It has lots of yummy gluten-free vegan brownie pieces as well as a caramel sauce filled with toasted pecans and shredded coconut. Scrumptious.  

**our vegan ice cream can be a bit hard/solid straight out of the freezer, depending on the temperature of your freezer. But that’s a good thing,it’s not full of air, so you’re getting more ice cream! Don’t panic, just let it sit out for 10-20 minutes and then you can scoop it! Feeling impatient? You can also microwave it for a few seconds (up to 30 seconds for a full container) to quickly soften it for easy scooping.

The ice cream base is mostly coconut cream, for a rich and creamy ice cream. Cashews and melted chocolate are blended in for an extra creamy ice cream, and natural vanilla (non alcohol) gives a boost of flavor.

Ingredients: Coconut milk, cashew milk, gula Melaka, vegan gluten-free brownies, caramel coconut pecan sauce (organic unrefined cane sugar, gula Melaka, shredded coconut, coconut cream, pecans, sunflower oil, natural vanilla extract (non-alcohol), Himalayan salt) vegan Belgian chocolate, cocoa powder, natural vanilla extract (non-alcohol), Himalayan salt.

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Syed Zainal Abidin Jamalullail
Full of flavour

It has so many flavour from the chocolate, brownies, pecan and gula melaka and coconut.. However i felt that this is too sweet. Yet good to try