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We at Vegan District veganise Ponggal - the Tamil harvest/thanksgiving festival - by substituting dairy-based milk with plant-based milk when cooking the Ponggal rice, which is the centrepiece of this cultural festival. In conjunction with Ponggal, we have some suggestions for products you can use to add more joy and fun to your Ponggal celebration, in addition to the basic pantry ingredients.

And check out the vegan Ponggal rice recipe by Tulsi's Vegan Kitchen.


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OATSIDE Barista Blend 1L

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Nuttelex Buttery Spread 500g

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V-Soy Low Sugar & For Barista 1L

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Nuttelex Olive Oil Spread 500g

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Nature's Charm Evaporated Oat Milk 360ml

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3 in stock