Pinxin Frozen Kuang Chang 2 Rolls

RM48.00 MYR

Now with longer shelf life!

Expiry 10 September 2022

Frozen whole long Kuang Chiang pieces. Kuang Chiang is a traditional Teochew beancurd roll with yam, jicama, and peanuts. They can be cooked by deep-frying, pan-frying or steaming.

Enjoy our traditional Kuang Chiang with your favourite dips or sauce such as chilli sauce, sweet chilli, ketchup or simply on its own.

What you get:

Frozen whole long Kuang Chiang (2 rolls)

Can be sliced into 20 small pieces


Beancurd, yam, jicama, peanuts, shiitake

Cooking Method: 

Deep Fry or Steam