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Alternatives to Beyond Meat - Meaty & Juicy Vegan Meatz

Missing Beyond Meat? So are we! Although it's not easy to get it back, we bring to you some delicious, meaty and juicy alternatives that are just as satisfying.


Diet type
Fry's Spiced Burgers 320g

3 reviews
RM18.90 MYR
Fry's The Big Fry Boerie 320g

2 reviews
RM18.90 MYR
Fry's The Big Fry Burger 224g

1 review
RM18.90 MYR
Save 30%
Fry's Traditional Burgers 320g

2 reviews
RM13.23 MYR RM18.90 MYR
Save 10%
OmniMeat Luncheon 240g

1 review
RM22.00 MYR
OmniMeat Luncheon 800g

8 reviews
RM50.90 MYR
OmniMeat Mince 1kg

3 reviews
RM41.50 MYR
Save 26%