Radiant Epsom Salt 200g

RM4.90 MYR

Epsom Salt is not a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral that works to detoxify and heal the body. A mix of magnesium and sulphate, these salts are absorbed through the skin. It is a laxative that helps to relief constipation. Also act as natural detoxifier and relaxer and added to bath for maximum benefit. Keep in cool dry place.

This is NOT a cooking salt. Use as a theurapeutic salt to detoxify and eliminate toxins from our body. Can use as a laxative intake, as bath soak, feet soak. Good for diabetic and cancer patient to have a bath soak once a week to assist body to eliminate toxin. Can mix with Sodium Bicarbonate for feet soak.

Ingredient: Magnesium Sulphate