MyPlantDeli Vanilla Cookie Dough Ice Cream 1L

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Vegan vanilla non-dairy ice cream with cookie dough pieces.


Ice cream base: Coconut milk, almond or sesame milk, sweetener (dates, gula melaka, or organic sugar), cashews, natural vanilla extract (non alcohol), pinch of himalayan salt

Traditional Cookie Dough: white rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, vegan mini chocolate chips, gula melaka, sunflower oil, natural vanilla (non alcohol), himalayan salt

Healthy Cookie Dough: ground organic oats, ground almonds, vegan mini chocolate chips, peanut butter (peanuts, salt), gula melaka, natural vanilla flavor (non alcohol), himalayan salt

**if you have any food allergies to specific kinds of nuts/seeds/etc. let me know and I can adjust the recipe to accommodate you :)

**gluten free** - the traditional cookie dough pieces are gluten free. The healthy cookie dough pieces are gluten free as long as you are okay with regular organic oats. If you need me to use certified gluten free oats instead, just let me know after you order. Made in a kitchen where I also make gluten containing products, I do my best to avoid cross contamination but cannot guarantee.

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