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Verdanya Shredded un-chicken 350g

Expiry date: 22/11/2023
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Vegan shredded un-chicken is so versatile and very tasty! It is a whole protein, made of a combination of chickpeas and wheat gluten. Together, these two have all the essential proteins your body needs. It is made in a special way so that it shreds easily, similar to cooked chicken. A large pack has more than 1 full cup of chickpeas in it (but you can’t tell), so it’s a great way to eat more legumes, especially for those who don’t like eating plain chickpeas.

It is precooked and can be eaten cold or heated up/cooked in several different ways. It comes in a pack of medium/large size shreds. Use as is or shred or chop into smaller pieces. To shred, just pull it apart, it will shred at the grain easily. If frozen, allow thawing before shredding. Here are some uses:

  • Add a flour/bread crumb coating and fry or bake just as you would chicken tenders or chicken nuggets.
  • Chop to the desired size and use in a chicken-style curry. Since it is already cooked, it does not need to simmer long in the sauce. Make your curry (I like to add some vegan broth powder or bouillon into the curry for flavour) and then add the un-chicken near the end, to simmer for just a few minutes. You can add it cold or you can sauté the un-chicken first to get some crispy edges and slightly firmer texture.
  • Shred or slice it cold for sandwiches, wraps, etc.
  • Chop and use on pizza.
  • Shred or slice and heat up with some barbecue sauce. Add sautéed onions and mushrooms if desired. Serve as a side dish or in a sandwich.
  • Shred, slice or chop it up, sauté or grill it with a touch of oil and any seasonings/spices you like. Use it as a side dish, topping, or mix it into your dishes such as fried noodles, noodle soup, etc. 
  • Shred or slice up and stir fry with onions and veggies. Add a quick stir fry sauce or sweet/sour sauce and serve with rice or noodles.
  • Lightly sauté or grill and have with potatoes, veggies and gravy.
  • Mix with any marinade you like and bake/grill/fry just as you would chicken.
  • lightly sauté by itself or with seasonings and use as a salad topping.

Keep in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for several months. No MSG, all-natural ingredients!


cooked chickpeas, vital wheat gluten, filtered water, nutritional yeast, sunflower oil, soy sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, black pepper, and salt.

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1. This is a frozen product.

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