Blue Elephant Thai Premium Paste Tom Yam Soup 220g

RM17.50 MYR
Expiry date: 03 September 2022

Tom Yam is definitely the most emblematic soup in Thailand! Sour and spicy, this Thai herbs-infused broth is a must on any Thai restaurant menu.

This Tom Yam Soup paste is made by pounding together tamarind, shallot and a blend of selected Thai chillies. Add your veggie stock, plant-based protein and coconut cream and you'll invite Thailand to your bowl!

Ingredients: Fully refined soybean oil, Tamarind paste, Shallot, Thai garlic, Sugar, Lemongrass, Dried red chilli, Galangal, Kaffir lime, Coriander, Salt.

Allergens: Nut and sesame