Radiant Organic Toasted Sesame Oil 310ml

RM25.90 MYR
Expiry date: 24 June 2023

Whole sesame seeds are toasted and cold-pressed to produce a fragrant, rich and nutty flavour oil.

No chemical solvents, additives and preservatives are used in the processing of the oil.

Only small quantities are needed to liven up dishes.

It is great for Asian dishes like stir-fry, dressing, sauces and marinades.

Most ideal to enchance flavour of dishes, sauces, porridges and soups.

This oil contains (in % of total fatty acids)

* 33% Oleic acid (omega 9),a mono-unsaturated fatty acid
* 39% Linoleic acid (omega 6),a poly-unsaturated fatty acid
* Natural anti-oxidants

Certified by Bio Gro and Halal Certified.
Product of Mexico