Why Not Organic Chlorella Powder 180 gm

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Chlorella is nature’s gift to divest heavy metal risks. whynot? Chlorella powder is one of the best known chlorella species (chlorella vulgaris) that has many beneficial qualities. Regular consumption keeps heavy metal away and purifies body cells.



  • One of the best known Chlorella species – Chlorella Vulgaris
  • Cultivated in Korea using close pure tank cultivation producing high quality, high digestibility and friendly taste chlorella.
  • 100% pure. No bulking agent or artificial additives.


Did you know?

If you have tooth filing, please minimize the usage of hand phone. The radiation from hand phone can activate the mercury from tooth filing and release poisonous heavy metal into your blood stream. Long term exposure to heavy metal will lead to brain and nerve damage, weaken the immune system and causes cancer.



Some people may experience a mild reaction such as diarrhea, headache or other discomforts. These reactions normally indicate body detoxification. To minimize discomfort during initial period, please reduce the dosage to half and gradually increase to recommended amount.


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100% Chlorella Vulgaris powder


Expiry 31 Oct 2020