(CLEARANCE 30% OFF) VEGO WHITE Almond Bliss, organic, 50g- Vegan White Chocolate

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 Product Expiry 22 August 2021

This Vego is like no other - but just as tasty!

The brand Vego is usually known for its brilliant Italian hazelnut chocolate couverture. But their new White Almond Bliss bar is in no way inferior to its darker siblings! Based on purely organic cocoa butter with a fine sweetness and delicious crunchy almond pieces. Self-confidently wrapped in a biodegradable foil with FSC-certified paper in golden colour – because this Vego is truly worth gold!

The White Almond Bliss bar is so very white like snow, making Mrs. Holle turn pale with envy.

Vego's White Almond Bliss is not only organic, but also incredibly delicious!

  • Pure enjoyment: a soft-melting cocoa butter base with delicious almond pieces
  • natural taste without any added aromas: the lovely flavour comes from real, ground vanilla
  • organic and fairtrade-certified: with a strong 84% Fairtrade content from purely organic cultivation

Contents: 50g

INGREDIENTS: Cane sugar*, cocoa butter* (26 %), almonds* (26 %), inulin*, sea salt, ground vanilla*. (* = certified organic)

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