Red Tractor Foods Instant Oats 1kg (20% OFF)

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Red Tractor oats are steam stabilised (kiln free) to deliver a smooth, creamy texture. They are 100% wholegrain, rich in fibre and protein and contain beta-glucan which helps to reduce blood cholesterol. 

 Red Tractor Instant Oats are sourced from the fertile soils of Australia’s Wimmera and Limestone Coast regions.

They are ideal to start your day with a warm, healthy and wholesome breakfast.


Source of Protein

No Added Sugar

High in Fibre

Contains Beta-Glucan*


*A diet low in saturated fatty acids and containing 3g of beta-glucan per day reduces blood cholesterol.


Australian Wholegrain Oats (100%)


Your delicious tasting, healthy instant oats breakfast is ready for you in just 2 minutes.

 Simply add ½ cup of instant oats to 1 cup of boiling water and stir. Let it stand for 1-2 minutes or until desired consistency is reached and enjoy!


 Add ½ cup of instant oats to 1 cup of water or plan- based milk and microwave for 90 seconds* on high. Stir and allow to cool slightly before serving. For an even smoother, creamier consistency, add a dash of your favourite milk after cooking.

 *Microwave timing given as a guide only and will depend on watt level.

Product expiry 1 November 2020