Pinxin Healthy Handmade Noodles 400g

RM10.00 MYR

Now with longer shelf life!

Expiry 31 December 2021

Sun-dried healthy homemade noodles that are perfect for your home cooking. These homemade noodles have a chewy and springy texture. They can also be served in multiple ways; with your favourite soup, dried and fried as well.

Features of our homemade noodle:

Chewy & Springy Texture

Unbleached Flour 无漂白面粉

No Lye Water 无碱水

No Eggs (dairy-free) 无蛋无奶

Dried With Natural Sunlight 天然阳光晒干

3-4 serving(+/- 200g) 3-4人份 (一包200克左右)

Cooking Method:

1. Cook noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes.

2. Serve them with your favourite soup, dried or even fried!


1. 将面条放入沸水中煮3-5分钟

2. 与您喜欢的酱料搅拌即可!

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