Pah Pin Pot's Rendang Cendawan 225g

RM15.00 MYR


Are you tired of all the hours in the kitchen during MCO?

Cooking & cleaning non-stop whole day?

Here’s an easy way to break the routine!

With something nutritious and wholesome for the family, using only natural ingredients, preservative-free & MSG-free.

Able to please even the more hard-to-please tastebuds!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good rendang with all the goodness and fragrance of the traditional spices & herbs?

Pah Pin's Pot mushroom rendang is halal, vegan and best of all, ready-to-eat! It is lovingly made with natural ingredients, with no preservatives and using only pesticide-free oyster mushroom.

Using a recipe that's been handed down for generations and typically served during Hari Raya, it is now made available for everyone to enjoy.

Anytime you have a craving for a good rendang!

Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 5 days

Ready-to-eat, just reheat and serve with your favourite carbs/grains.

Please note:

1. This is a frozen product.

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