Pacari Raw Organic Chocolate Bar 100% Cacao + 1% Nibs 50g

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Can’t get enough of our 100% Raw Chocolate?

RAW 101% is basically our 100% Raw + 1% of Cacao Nibs. The cacao nibs inside gives you an added crunch onto the smooth pure chocolate bar.

Fun Facts :

Did you know that cacao nibs is actually a superfood that helps to improve your health in many ways?

Approvals & Certifications:USDA Organic, EU Organic Certification, Certified B Corporation, OK Kosher Certified

Ingredients:Organic Cacao, Organic Cacao Nibs

In our Raw chocolate all the ingredients are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavor profile of our carefully selected cacao beans. This bar is 100% made up of our organic cacao chocolate mixed with solid pieces of our exquisite nibs. The crunch of our one of a kind nibs perfectly compliment the pure cacao, that contains no added sugar.