MyPlantDeli Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream

RM32.00 MYR
Expiry date: 28 October 2022

This special creamy vanilla ice cream is swirled with berrylicious strawberry sauce. Homemade gluten-free shortbread cookie bits are sprinkled throughout.


Ice cream base: Coconut milk, cashew milk, strawberry sauce (strawberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, tapioca starch), sweetener (organic unrefined sugar, gula Melaka, or dates), sunflower oil, natural vanilla extract (non-alcohol), a pinch of Himalayan salt

Gluten-free shortbread cookies: flour blend (brown rice flour, white rice flour, tapioca starch), gula Melaka, coconut oil, natural vanilla extract, Himalayan salt

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Customer Reviews

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Izati Saim

I love the taste of this ice cream, first time trying vegan ice cream actually. I love the hidden biscuits in the ice cream which gives it a crunch and an actual experience of eating strawberry shortcake. I think what can be improved is to lessen the coconut milk, because it was a bit overpowering. Overall it taste great!