MyPlantDeli Brie 180g

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Vegan brie is an excellent snacking cheese.  This semi soft non dairy cheese can be sliced thickly or spread if you bring it to room temperature. It melts, and gets nice and gooey/stretchy!  This tangy mild snacking cheese is great on crackers and with fruit.  It is also delicious when baked ‘en croute’ in puff pastry, phyllo dough, etc. It is also yummy on pizza and grilled cheese! It is too soft to grate, so you can slice it onto your pizza, or cut it into cubes, or freeze and grate it.

Block of cheese is approximately 180g


organic soymilk, refined coconut oil, tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, kappa carrageenan, organic miso, salt, apple cider vinegar, spices

*This cheese has no onion/garlic

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Customer Reviews

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My absolute fave My Plant Deli cheese!

This is so beautiful in a sandwich, as part of a cheese board or baked all ooey gooey to dip in. It's my absolute favourite cheese that my absolute fave plant cheese makers, My Plant Deli, makes!

Best cheese for crackers!

This is my favourite cheese! It is so soft and creamy and is absolutely perfect on crackers with chutney. It doesn't grate like the other My Plant Deli cheeses, because it is a softer cheese, but it is still versatile to use for a range of dishes. Yum!