Muso Organic Unpasteurized Hatcho Miso 300g

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Hatcho miso is a type of soybean miso, which is made from selected whole soybeans. It contains beneficial bacteria that help our body strengthen our intestine, liver, and aids our body in detoxification. MUSO's Hatcho miso is manufactured using the same methods developed many centuries ago. Selected, quality whole soybeans are fermented in cedar kegs, with over 5 tons of pyramid shaped stones, equivalent to the weight of the miso, placed on top of the kegs, which are aged for about 3 years. Hatcho miso has its own special characteristics and taste. Not only can Hatcho miso be used by itself, but it is often blended with other Misos to improve the flavor and characteristics of the other miso. Hatcho miso is often used for miso soup as well as dipping sauce.

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