Lakewood Organic Açaí Berry Juice 32 oz

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Lakewood Organic Acai Amazon Berry

ACAI- " The SuperFruit from the Rainforest"

100% Juice Blend

Healthy OMEGA OILS Inside

Unsweetened - No Sugar Added

Excellent Source of Natural Anti-Oxidant Vitamins A & C

GMO Free

Preservative Free

Vacuum sealed in glass Bottles.

Provides Essential Micro- Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals 

Essential Omegas (EFA's) Promote Normal Cholesterol Levels

Restore Vital Body Electrolytes for Overall Vitality, Health, and Well-Being

Help Maintain Normal Glucose Levels to Support the Immune System 

Essential Nutrients Help Maintain Vision and Strong Healthy Teeth 

Improve Iron Absorption, Resistance to Infection, and Support the Digestive System.