Incafe Organic Fiesta Coffee Ground 200g

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From perilous journeys come great rewards worth celebrating. Sourced from high altitudes and the unforgiving terrains of three famous coffee growing origins, we present you with Fiesta. A smooth hand-picked, organic, fair trade coffee that celebrates and supports the efforts of small coffee growing communities from around the globe. So raise your cup and taste your reward. Great coffee doing good things.


Product Highlight

The best of three coffee origins. A medium bodied yet festive mix of chocolate, cinnamon, stone fruit & citrus flavours



  • 100% certified organic and fair trade.
    • Sources coffee direct from organic farmers and chooses to pay above set fair trade prices to fund childcare and sustainable farming practices and education
    • This ensures better quality beans for you and a better quality of life for them.
  • Roasted gently with traditional drum roaster.



100% certified organic and certified fair trade arabica coffee from Peru, Ethiopia and Sumatra. May also contain coffee from the Solomon Islands, Columbia or Brazil


Country of Origin

Crafted at New Zealand.