HerbYvore Pea Paneer 220g

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Pea Paneer is the world’s first sustainable plant-based paneer launched by Herbyvore Foods. It’s a soft vegan cheese that can be used as a replacement to paneer in Indian cooking and feta and halloumi in Western cuisine. 

Enjoy it pan fried with olive oil, crumbled onto a salad, grated onto a pizza, crushed into a pasta filling or cooked with your favourite curry with the knowledge that you’re nourishing yourself as well as having a positive impact on the environment, one meal at a time.

Pea Paneer is a versatile cheese replacement that can be used in all cuisines. It is best prepared stewed, stir-fried, grilled, steamed, or used as a filling to complement other tastes and flavors. Low in saturated fat, sugar and cholesterol, you can eat the Pea Paneer without guilt! Also, you can consume it knowing that you are doing your part for the planet.

Best Before 1 February 2022

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Customer Reviews

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A good alternative

A really good alternative to paneer. Doesn't really taste like paneer - more like tofu really. But very nice. Would definitely use it again.