Fry's Polony Slicing Sausage 500g

RM21.90 MYR


This Polony is a Fry family favourite! Whether you are packing lunch for the kids or preparing an English breakfast, this Slicing Sausage is the perfect addition to get that meaty taste without the meat. Serve it crispy and pan-fried like bacon rashers, blended up into a tuna-style pate, or diced in a dairy-free mac and cheese!


Vegetable proteins (22 %) (Soya and Wheat [Gluten]) · Vegetable oil (Coconut kernel) · Potato starch · Maize starch · Flavourings · Sea salt · Gelling agent (Guar gum · Carrageenan) · Garlic · Mustard · Colour: Red iron oxide.


Soy · Gluten · Wheat · Mustard

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