Emco Light & Crispy Seeds & Nuts Musli 283g (15% OFF)

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Baked to crispness with pieces of seeds and nuts; 75% wholegrain cereal contains oat, barley, wheat and malt rye flakes; has oat beta-glucan from wholegrain oats, which contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels; made with certified non-GMO ingredients; naturally high in fiber; does not contain artificial colors, preservatives, palm oil, or added sugar; non-GMO verified


INGREDIENTS: Wholegrain Cereals 75% (Oat Flakes 42%, Barley Flakes 25%, Wheat Flakes 20%, Malt Rye Flakes 13%), Sunflower Seeds 15%, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 7%, Hazelnuts 2%, Roasted Almonds 1%

Product Expiry 07/01/21