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Evian Natural Mineral Water 330ml

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evian natural mineral water originates from rain and snow deposited on the catchment area, a millennia-old site in the heart of the French Alps

surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

The water then filters down on a 15-year journey through rocks,

taking on its unique balanced mineral composition,

until it reaches its unique underground source.

 evian natural mineral water truly is a product of nature.


The original purity of evian natural mineral water is the result of its slow underground journey: rock and soil both filter and protect the water, preserving it from all human-generated activities.

The precious drops acquire their natural purity during a 15-year-long journey that crafts them with essential minerals and electrolytes. Because it comes from deep below the earth’s surface, their water is perfectly pure from a 100% natural composition.

evian natural mineral water’s unique, constant mineral composition, created over years of slow filtration through underground rock, reflects the uniqueness of the territory from which it originates. evian natural mineral water has its own identity and taste.


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