BIO XXI Rice & Quinoa Pasta Andean Anelli with Vegetable 250g (20% OFF)

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Bio Rice & Quinoa Pasta with Vegetables is a gluten-free line of products that combines ancestral culture with world standards for the creation of an exceptional line.

Organic and Vegan.

FEATURES: Ground quinoa provides a slightly thick texture that along with some dehydrated vegetables and when gently seasoned with species, provides a nice surprise on the palate one tablespoon after the other.

INGREDIENTS: organic rice, organic quinoa, organice beet, organic spinach and organice turmeric

HOW TO PREPARE: Pour the content of the package in 3 liters of boiling water. Add a dash of olive oil. Let cook until al dente (5-9 minutes) stirring the first 3 minutes and then sporadically. Strain and serve immediately with the sauce of your choice