Bibi Solid Toothpaste

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BiBi Solid Toothpaste
Ingredients : Sodium cocoyl isethioniate , coconut oil , kaolin , calcium carbonate, essential oil ( mint or cinnamon-lemon).

Uses :
Not only it is concentrated , lasts longer than regular toothpaste but it is also extremely convenient to carry away and economical packaging to help protect the environment.
With ingredients containing Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin and coconut oil work to clean teeth and oral cavity in a natural way. While Sodium cocoyl isethionate is a surfactant based on fatty acids help cleanse the surface .

A solid toothpaste is made up of 2tubes of regular toothpaste.

Directions for use : Wet brush , scrub brush over the surface of toothpaste 3-4 times , clean teeth as usual.
Storage: cool place , avoid hot places , high humidity.