Benns Lampang 72% Dark Chocolate With Cacao Nibs 32g

RM15.00 MYR

Cacao Bean Source: Lampang, Thailand

72% Dark Chocolate

This chocolate bar’s cacao beans were sourced from Mr Pathom

Meekaew’s multi-generational farm in Nakhon Lampang which is

known for it’s fertile soil, high moisture and stable temperatures.

The cacao is grown alongside durian and mangosteen fruit resulting

in a sweet, fruity and luxuriously smooth harvest of Trinitario varietal.

Tasting Notes:

Tamarind, Cranberries, Cherries, Spices


Cacao Nibs, Cocoa Butter, Unrefined Cane Sugar

Note: 100% Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, Halal Certified

Try: Lampang without Nibs

Conche Time: 36 Hours

Roast: Low

Bean Type: Trinitario

Product Expiry 13/11/2020